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Holistic Rehab Center

Holistic Rehab Center

Holistic Alternative Addiction Treatment at Passages Ventura

At Passages Ventura, we offer a truly alternative addiction treatment model that has helped thousands of people permanently overcome their dependencies. Instead of the traditional 12 step approach, we offer completely holistic therapy and do not subscribe to the disease concept of addiction.

Our alternative rehab philosophy and renowned therapeutic methods are designed to heal you as a whole instead of just addressing the symptoms of your addiction. We will treat and heal your physical health, your professional and personal relationships, your self-esteem, and more. No two programs are alike, and your treatment plan will be customized for you, by you, with your specific needs and preferences in mind.

We guarantee the following as a part of the Passages Ventura rehab program:

  • Completely holistic treatment designed to heal the “whole” person, utilizing alternative methods that address mental, physical, and spiritual health
  • An attitude of respect and dignity toward each client, never employing punitive treatment methods
  • Fully customized treatment plans that do not adhere to the one-size-fits-all group approach
  • A focus on treating the underlying issues that are causing you to use drugs or alcohol, not just the surface symptoms of drug or alcohol abuse
  • A philosophy that states that substance abuse is NOT an incurable disease
  • Joint Commission (JCAHO) Accreditation and licensed by the State of California to offer the highest quality of drug and alcohol treatment

At Passages Ventura holistic rehab center, we don’t just see you as an “addict.” We see you as an individual who deserves to have every aspect of your dependency thoroughly, effectively, and personally addressed by highly-regarded addiction treatment professionals.

Are you ready to live fully, peacefully, and free from addiction with the help of our holistic alternative addiction treatment program? Call now (888) 926-3424.

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