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Wine Addiction Treatment

Wine Addiction Treatment

Wine Addiction Rehab at Passages Ventura

At Passages Ventura, we successfully treat and heal addiction to wine and other forms of alcohol. Although wine is easily accessible and commonly used, it has numerous detrimental effects on the liver, brain, heart, and other vital organs, and prolonged or excessive consumption of wine can cause increased physical tolerance, severe withdrawal, and chemical dependency.

Drinking wine on occasion with dinner or in social settings is usually not a cause for concern. However, there are several warning indications you may see when wine use becomes wine abuse and dependency, including: needing wine to relax or 'self-medicate,' drinking alone or to the point of blacking out, drinking in large quantities for prolonged periods of time, feeling like you need wine in order to function, and acting inappropriately or out of character while under the influence of wine.

Alcohol Rehab for Wine Dependency at Passages Ventura

Drinking wine or beer can cause the same level of damage as hard liquor because alcohol has the same chemical, physiological and psychological effects regardless of whether it is in the form of wine, liquor, or beer. If you are struggling with an addiction to wine or feel you have become dependent on drinking wine, Passages Ventura alcohol rehab center can help you get on the road towards recovery.

Our alcohol addiction rehab center and wine detox center are located in the quaint beachside city of Port Hueneme, California near the Pacific Ocean. We provide a fulltime staff of nurses, therapists, and addiction treatment professionals, all ready and waiting to help you put an end to the cycle of wine abuse. Remember, it’s never too late to get the life back that you deserve. Call now (888) 926-3424.