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alcohol rehab center

alcohol rehab center

Alcohol Rehab at Passages Ventura

We know you have many choices when it comes to choosing the right alcohol treatment center for you or a loved one, but we are confident that you will not find one that offers a better approach then ours.

Most treatment centers are taking the wrong approach to treating alcohol addiction. The standard throughout the country is to only offer group meetings with very little one-on-one therapy. Along with the outdated approach of group therapy, they will try to break you down by punishing you. It is not uncommon in treatment centers like this to have a horrible experience. In fact, it becomes a power struggle between you and the staff. For many reasons, this type of treatment rarely results in a success for either party.

Passages Ventura does not believe in the theory of breaking a client down. Instead, we strive to build you back up from the moment you walk through our doors. We will work on healing your body, mind and spirit with a holistic approach that is not only effective, but honors you as an individual. It will be clear from the start of your program that we are on your side, and that you can count on us to help you through this very difficult time in your life. There will not be a power struggle between us, but rather a team effort to get you the results you want. When you are treated in this way, going through treatment becomes an enjoyable experience.

Alcohol Detox

Our detox is an important part of your rehabilitation process. Typically, detox is a painful process, but we have advanced techniques that will reduce the painful withdrawal symptoms that are associated with detox. Your MD along with a skilled team of nurses will make sure that your detox is going smoothly from start to finish. Passages addiction treatment center has revolutionized the industry, and has proven that we are truly are a world class treatment center.

We encourage you to experience the Passages Alcohol Rehab firsthand. If you or your loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, call Passages Ventura today or click below to fill out our insurance benefits check form. All calls and benefit inquiries are completely secure and confidential.