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Passages Ventura Rehab Center

Passages Ventura Rehab Center

Addiction Rehab Center at Passages Ventura

The Passages Ventura drug rehabilitation and treatment program remains one of the best programs in the industry. The coastal location provides a refreshing sea breeze, and the staff on hand are sure to make your stay both healing and comfortable.

Passages Ventura was founded in 2009, building upon the success of Passages Malibu. The unique addiction treatment philosophy that gave rise to Passages Malibu, continues to thrive at our sister location. Ventura offers a drug rehabilitation center, alcohol rehabilitation center, prescription drug rehabilitation center, detox center, and the one-on-one therapy that we’ve become so well known for. The customized care that we offer you at Ventura has helped thousands of people build the skills they need to heal their addiction and move forward with their lives.

Here are just a few reasons why the Passages Addiction Treatment program is so effective.

  1. Individual therapy – private counseling, in a one-on-one setting, rather than groups
  2. 24-hour nursing staff – licensed nurses who help your healing process
  3. A personal addiction treatment team – including addiction medicine experts and therapists.
  4. Personal freedom – rather than some treatment centers who take cell phones and laptops away, we want you to have access to your friends and family during your stay with us.
  5. A variety of holistic treatment methods – personalized to meets your needs, and work with the specifics of your addiction.

Our extraordinary rehab facility goes above and beyond to provide comfortable amenities and engaging outdoor activities during your stay. While you’re at Passages Ventura, you have access to:

  1. Refreshing coastal climate
  2. Running track, sand volleyball court, and a gym with an open floor plan
  3. Abundant fountains and outdoor, shaded eating areas for an overall tranquil experience
  4. 3 media rooms w/ flatscreens, board games, and puzzles
  5. Full service stainless steel-appointed kitchen, with walk-in refrigerator and freezer
  6. Vegetable and herb garden

At Passages – Addiction End Here™

The addiction treatment program that Passages has developed is truly unbeatable. We long ago set the standard for alternative addiction treatment and continue to refine our approach to make sure we remain on the leading edge of science, medicine, and alternative therapies. When you’re read to start fresh, give Passages Ventura a call. Your future starts as soon as you’re ready to join us- Call now! (888) 926-3424

If you or your loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, call Passages Ventura today or click below to fill out our insurance benefits check form. All calls and benefit inquiries are completely secure and confidential.