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Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage & Family Therapy

Marriage & Family Therapy at Passages Ventura

Connections with spouses, family members and loved ones are often the most fulfilling yet sometimes also the most challenging relationships in our lives. Many of the individuals we treat at Passages Ventura come to discover that the sources of their addictions are deeply entangled with intricate and convoluted interpersonal relationships.

When a person has been struggling with addiction, close relationships are ruined or strained and the family members suffer. Your Marriage & Family Therapist will work privately with you to help identify any negative or false beliefs you hold about yourself that have fueled your dependency, influenced your family life, and disrupted any other aspects of your life. These beliefs were likely formed when you were a child as a result of a dysfunctional relationship with one or more family members. During your one-on-one sessions, you will learn how to free yourself from these false beliefs so you can begin your healing.

In order to heal the damaged interpersonal relationships often caused by addiction, we offer Marriage & Family Therapy as one of the traditional treatment methods we employ at Passages Ventura. Throughout your stay at Passages Ventura, you will meet with a Marriage & Family Therapist in addition to a Psychotherapist.

Interpersonal Relationships and Addiction

Once you understand the reasons why you are using drugs and alcohol, your spouse or other family members may be asked to join your therapy later in your stay at Passages. These family sessions provide an honest forum where long-standing communication barriers can finally be shattered so that your family can learn how they can help you take positive steps toward an addiction-free life.

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