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About Passages Ventura Addiction Rehab Center

About Passages Ventura Addiction Rehab Center

Passages Ventura Addiction Treatment Center

Passages Ventura rehab center is a non-12 Step, holistic treatment facility located amid the refreshing sea breeze of coastal Ventura County, California. Our flagship location, Passages Malibu was established in 2001 by father and son team Chris & Pax Prentiss. After a long struggle, Pax overcame a decade-long addiction to alcohol, cocaine, and heroin using a program consisting of holistic, one-on-one therapy. This highly effective therapy is now the backbone of the Passages treatment program and the cornerstone of its guiding philosophy.

Passages Ventura accepts many insurance plans and has earned the coveted Joint Commission (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) accreditation, only given to the top 6% of the nation’s behavioral health treatment programs.

Co-founders Chris and Pax Prentiss authored an acclaimed series of treatment books including the original, groundbreaking book, The Alcoholism & Addiction Cure.

Meet Pax Prentiss – CEO and Co-Founder

Hi, my name is Pax Prentiss. I’m the co-founder and co-director of Passages Ventura and Passages Malibu, along with my dad, Chris. We opened Passages Ventura in 2009 and Passages Malibu in 2001 because of our deep desire to save the lives of people suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. Our breakthrough program evolved from our harrowing firsthand experience with my own addictions... More about Pax Prentiss.

Meet Chris Prentiss – Co-Founder

Hi. I’m Chris Prentiss. What I have to say will be brief, but it will help you or your loved one move from where you are now, which is dependent on drugs or alcohol, to where you want to be, which is sober, healthy, and happy... More about Chris Prentiss.

Addiction Treatment Program at Passages

At Passages Ventura, our addiction treatment program is not 12-step based and do not subscribe to the disease concept of addiction. Instead, we focus on healing the underlying conditions that drive you to use drugs and alcohol. We believe addiction is a symptom of deeper underlying issues, rather than the main problem. Our treatment approach is designed to address the root cause of your addiction. The Passages Ventura addiction treatment programs are unique and effective – offering you the very best program available. Read more about Passages Addiction Treatment Programs.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program

At Passages Ventura, our alcohol addiction treatment program stands out as one of the best and most well respected in the country. One of the many reasons why our program remains so successful is our advanced, straightforward treatment philosophy. In order to permanently end addiction, our experience shows that you must first discover the reasons why you are self-medicating with alcohol through one-on-one therapy... Read more about Passages Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs.

Treatment For Drug Addiction

At Passages Ventura, we offer a drug addiction treatment program, alcohol addiction treatment program, and prescription drug addiction treatment program for those suffering from substance abuse. If you are in search of an effective, holistic, and safe solution to treat and heal drug addiction, look no further - Passages has the perfect program for you.

Our world-renowned drug addiction treatment program does not subscribe to the disease concept of addiction. We have also found that one-on-one therapy is much more effective than the group therapy approach that other treatment centers use... Read more about Passages Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

At Passages Ventura, we treat and heal prescription drug addiction using our customized program which includes a supervised detox and personally tailored dietary supplements. Our prescription drug addiction treatment program is designed to first wean you off of your medications and then use one-on-one therapy to heal the issues that are causing your drug use in the first place... Read more about Passages Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

If you or your loved one is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, call Passages Ventura today or click below to fill out our insurance benefits check form. All calls and benefit inquiries are completely secure and confidential.